Frequently Asked Questions

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I'm looking to purchase my first home. How is the best way for me to learn about the market?

Read up online, visit different lenders’ websites and get to know the market. If you know where you want to live and the budget you have, start visiting open homes and auctions – not necessarily to buy, but to understand the process, how much they’re going for and to have a good understanding of what to expect when your time comes. If a property sells do get in touch with me and I’d be happy to provide you with a range of the selling price. The price is confidential until settlement.

Do I need a lawyer?

It’s a big cost to engage a lawyer but a necessary one in the house-buying process. Buyers should seek a lawyer at the start of the process of buying a house whilst sellers who have had previous good experience with a chosen lawyer should stick to someone they know and trust. Lawyers can help explain tricky documents or complicated purchases, such as subdividing, cross-leases and unit titles. They’ll read over the sale and purchase agreement, help you access your Kiwisaver and manage the transfer of funds. At Lowe & Co we are more than happy to recommend some lawyers to you through our established Wellington network.

What should I do to my property before bringing it to market?

How a property is presented for sale does make a difference. First impressions count. Many buyers will judge your property within five to ten seconds of looking at the photos and if they’re not excited … then they simply won’t read on and they’ll go on to the next house. You and I do the same thing when looking at properties online. When preparing your home for sale, just a little effort in the right areas can make a big difference to your final sale price. With Before&After, we remove the upfront expenses and hassle of presenting your home for prospective buyers. From decluttering and staging, through to gardening, I’ll work with you to get your home in top shape to help you sell for top dollar.

How important is marketing in the current market? Can I save money on marketing my property?

It is possible to use web advertising only. We also often find buyers for properties with little or no advertising. I will present a range of advertising options which will be tailored to your specific property. Lots of things are taken into account and I am happy to provide you with examples for you to to make an informed decision.

What are my obligations regarding to disclosures of the property?

Offers that are presented to you by Ben or any agent from Lowe & Co will be on the standard Agreement for Sale and Purchase document as approved by the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand and the Auckland District Law Society. Section 6.0 of this document is dedicated to home sellers’ warranties and undertakings or, in layman’s terms, details of disclosures that a home seller is obliged to make when selling their home. This section covers items such as building permits, code compliance certificates, details of any arrears in rates or other charges against the property, a declaration that chattels passing with the sale are unencumbered, and a multitude of other items. Weather-tightness and drainage issues that the property may have or have had are also top-priority disclosure issues.

What are the T&Cs for Wellington Diving?

  • Real estate sale must be unconditional and a direct listing to Ben Everist. Other listings to other Lowe & Co agents won’t be considered.
  • $1,000 includes GST to be directed back to community sports club, association and or used towards sports fees, sports equipment, other sports related costs or a combination of these.
  • Proof of costs must be supplied to Ben Everist via email to be eligible for the funds.
  • The vendor can choose to pass this offer on to friends and family.
  • The transfer form must be completed before settlement. Money to be transferred via direct deposit within 3 days of settlement by Ben Everist. The remaining money to be transferred to the community sports club of your choice within 7 days of settlement.
  • To be eligible for offer, the listing Agency Agreement must be signed.
  • These Terms may change at the discretion of Ben Everist.